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New Bemer 3000 and Zija Testimonial

My name is Marguerite. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 40 years. The drugs Methotrexate and Prendisone have kept me comfortable for years. However, the Bemer 3000 has reversed some of the deformities in my hands and feet and improved my life.

I began using the Bemer in October of 2008 every two weeks when I had my massage. The results were less pain, more energy and flexibility.

In March of 2009 I purchased my own Bemer 3000 and began using it twice a day. After about a month, my hands, which were in fists all the time, began to open up and straighten. I have been using the Bemer 8 to 16 minutes twice a day for 5 months. The padding on the bottoms of my feet is returning and the feet are straightening. I have very little pain. My posture is straighter and I can walk with ease. Muscle tone has improved along with my skin and  have an overall feeling of being comfortable in my body again. The Arthritis nodules in my fingers, elbows, and ankles are beginning to get smaller or have gone away.  

At the end of May 2009, I started drinking Zija every morning. Since then I have been able to sleep 7 to 8 hours at night without having to get up to use the bathroom. Allergy symptoms have lessened while energy and endurance levels have increased. My skin is less dry. I have a welcome feeling of well being. Family and friends compliment me on how well I look and move about.

I would not want to give up my Bemer or the Zija. They have improved my life for the better in a short time and I am sure it will continue. I encourage you to look into them and try them.

I just received my BEMER 3000 and I can not tell you how excited I am.  After receiving some quite extraordinary results at the NEU fair in Helena I couldn’t wait to get my very own!  My first experience I actually felt a tingling, a kind of euphoria after just one session on the BEMER.  It felt as if the capillaries in the back of my head were opening up, the dull ache subsided and has not returned.  I also had a little pain between my shoulder blades when lying on my back that is also gone and has not returned. I am a QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK SPECIALIST, using the EPFX device we can measure oxygen on a cellular level.  What I have found in my two years of practice is that most people have a very low oxygen level, the sicker the person the lower the oxygen level.  After just one session with the BEMER my oxygen went up 20%, several other clients of my have had similar results.  I plan to continue to use the BEMER before my EPFX sessions to see if that trend continues 



I went to Kelli Robinson for treatment of a neck injury caused by a vehicle 

accident. She reduced the pain I was suffering and helped the muscle injuries

heal. I saw Kelli once a week a few months after the accident and now see her

once a month. With a neck injury I have used pain pills and muscle relaxers,

seen numerous chiropractors and physical therapists, considered injections and

tried acupuncture. Some of these practitioners helped while others just cost me

money without results. With Kelli’s massage therapy I have found a way to manage

my pain and restore a balance of energy in my body.

My job is physically demanding with extended periods of lifting and standing.

Kelli relieves my muscle tension to allow me to perform well in my job and have

an active daily lifestyle.

With Kelli's introduction of Bemer treatments, pulsed magnetic therapy, her

massage goes deeper and lasts longer. Which helps since I now commute from Helena

for treatments with Kelli in Butte.

Kelli is attentive, professional and sensitive. I've never found a massage

therapist who can listen to my body like Kelli does. I trust her with my wellness

and encourage you to have a session with her.

- Lisa Kunkel
Having had a bad experience with massage before, I did not feel it could help me. I am a very tense person and relaxing is not something I easily accomplish.  From the first massage with Kelli, I knew that I would be making massages a regular part of my health routine. Kelli has learned from seeing me regularly where my worst areas are and what type of massage relieves my tension a relaxes my stiff and sore muscles. She also is very compassionate and really cares personally about her clients.  She can tell by watching me walk in for my appt  where I hurt.  She will spend a good deal of time and effort on that trouble spot and still manage to soothe all the other sore areas. I look forward to my visits with her knowing that I will feel wonderful when I am done. I can give credit to Kelli for using her magic touch in helping to allow me to have much less painful and stressful quality of life.
Debbie Peterson, Manager, Butte, MT

For years I suffered from low with low back pain. At times it would become so severe that I would need several appointments with a chiropractor to find relief.  That was before I began having a regular massage with Kelli.
After regular massages my lower back problems were greatly improved.  Now if I feel that I have strained my back I immediately have a massage with Kelli. I experience immediate relief that lasts for months afterward.  I have not returned to my chiropractor for several years.
For years I have wanted to do a detox because I have had such low energy.  I found that I had to eat ofter to  keep going, Then I went to Kelli for a "Foot Detox" I went regularly for several months. What the detox gave me was the energy I had lost.  I can go through a hard day and even have energy left over in the evening!
Barbara Webb, 65, Retired Researcher, Anaconda, MT

II  have an extremely high stress job.  On my way to my appointment with Kelli I start thinking about the relaxing atmosphere in Kelli's massage room.  I start to relax.while Kelli is massaging me and I listen to the soft sounds and music.  I feel the stress melt away.  When I leave I feel like a new person.  Thanks Kelli.

Cherye Sullivan, Manager, Butte, MT

For years I have suffered from persistent and at times debilitating headaches, and back pain from and accident 8 years ago.  I am so amazed that the headaches have now all but vanished.  After several treatments by Kelli my back pain slowly retreated to no pain.  FINALLY PAIN FREE !!!  I should have had Kelli Work on me much sooner, but I did not think the results would be so great.

Charles Fogerty, Deer Lodge MT,
Postal Manager

For the last 5 years I have suffered from frequent headaches that seem to be related to tension in my neck.  I have tried chiropractic treatments, but they have never made a difference.  My wife had significant results with Kelli and urged me to give it a try.  Kelli's technique has reduced my headaches by 50%, and I am able to sleep through the night.  Kelli has also given me many "tools" to use to prevent the onset of headaches. I'm very grateful that I don't have to continually live with headaches.  Thanks Again Kelli.

Mark Koefelda. Butte, MT 

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